Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation BISQUE SPF 15 Sealed 4G

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Please visit this item Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation BISQUE SPF 15 Sealed 1.5g

At this time, Sheer Cover is no longer selling the Nude Foundation in the 4G size. Therefore, the 1.5G size is all that we are able to stock.

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation BISQUE 4G This mineral foundation contains ingredients like Green Rooibos Tea to nurture your skin. It has built in SPF 15 to help protect your skin from the sun. This foundation is sweat-proof and even calms irritations. Plus, it takes just seconds to apply. This is a three month supply. *This shade has been discontinued by Sheer Cover. We will not be able to restock this item once our current supply runs out.

*This item is being replaced by Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation LIGHT

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