Mia Bella Bakery 5 Inch Gourmet Pie Candle KEY LIME

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Mia Bella Bakery 5 Inch Gourmet Pie Candle KEY LIME (Retail Value = $19.95) These Mia Bella Soy Candles burn cleaner and longer than other candles. They have a lead-free wick, and the wax burns cleaner, so you aren't left with a sooty mess. These are wrapped as soon as received to keep the pies fresh. They each have about 229g of wax and are 5 inches in diameter. Each pie has three wicks for even burning. The Key Lime Pies are light green with 3 slices of key lime on top. They smell wonderful and make great gifts. These come with the box, but please let me know if you need a mint box. The boxes are in good shape, but not for resale.

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