Why I use Principal Secret Products

Why I use Principal Secret Products

Posted by Christi from Little Online Store on 3rd May 2018

Once upon a time, I was a twenty year old. I had a very hectic schedule with college and work. That meant I was constantly applying makeup without taking much other care for my face. I would quickly wash my face at night and take a shower in the morning. Unfortunately, that left me with adult acne. They weren't small breakout, but large sores. I'd pick at or squeeze them, which made them worse. There's nothing more embarrassing than going to school with a big pimple on your face.

Since I was working, I had some spending money. That lead me into Mary Kay. I won't get into the whole situation with Mary Kay, however, their acne products rely heavily on salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is pretty much the same stuff put on warts to dry them up. It leeches away moisture in the skin to leave a type of scab. Of course, I did not know that at the time.

After using Mary Kay for about a month, I noticed my skin was severely dry and flaky. It was delightful trying to put makeup over a nose covered with flaky skin. My face became severely dry on my forehead and nose while not much changed on my cheeks and chin. Yes, I was still getting breakouts and the makeup always smelled funny. It was like they added some type of perfume to their makeup, and the eye shadow really irritated my eyes.

Finally, I gave up on the Mary Kay. I decided to switch over to Neutrogena. That worked for a little while, but it was tough finding what I needed. Plus, it was expensive. When you get used to something, it's really tough when you can't seem to find it stocked in the store. As most stores do, they change around inventory. So, you depend on a cleanser, and suddenly, can't seem to find it anywhere. Yes, this was before eBay.

After trying different brands at the store, I went to Avon. Now, Avon has a lot of types of cleansers. At one time, they came out with this new, green cleanser for oily skin. It didn't dry my face out, but it didn't seem to clean great either. My pores were huge and very dirty no matter how many times I used the cleanser. I was in my mid twenties, and a friend came over to my apartment unannounced. I was so embarrassed, because I hadn't had time to put makeup on. My pores were huge, and my face looked dirty. That was when I decided to try Principal Secret.

I knew I had to do something, because the Avon cleanser was just not cleaning my skin enough. I had seen Victoria's commercials, and the Principal Secret Advanced Line looked promising. She was discussing how she used plant and flower extracts. Plus, I was desperate to try something for my skin. My T zone was very dry while the rest of my skin would get severely oily.

When the box arrived, I was extremely excited. I started using the products right away. Immediately, I noticed that the Continuous Moisture was not greasy, instead, it absorbed into my skin. After using the Principal Secret Advanced products for about a week, my skin had improved dramatically. My pored were much smaller and my nose and forehead were no longer dry and scaly.

To this day, I still use Principal Secret products. Now, I am trying the Botanical line, and I like that as well. I still use the Advanced line and have been doing so for about 16 years now. Yes, I got my first box of Principal Secret Advanced in 2002.

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