What Sheer Cover Perfect Shade Are You?

Posted by Little Online Store on 18th Feb 2015

There are four different choices for Sheer Cover Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation. The four shades are: Light, Medium, Tan and Dark. 

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation Light: This shade is similar to the Classic Frost shade. If you use Nude or Bisque, you can use this Light shade, however, you will most likely need to mix in some of the Perfect Shade Foundation in Medium shade.

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation Medium: This shade is similar to the Classic Buff or Latte. This will be the most used shade and will mix with the Light for Tan. You will use this to mix for shades ranging from Bisque to Golden. 

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation Tan: Mix this shade with Medium for Golden. You will most likely use this shade if you are Almond or Mocha. 

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation Dark: This shade is similar to Classic Chocolate. Mix this with Tan for Mocha. This shade is very dark.

It might take time to figure out exactly what mixture will work for you. Be sure you record the amounts of color you mix. Use no more than a 1/4 teaspoon each time for best results.

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