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Sheer Cover Brings Perfect Shade Technology

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Do you use one of the classic shades of Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation? If so, you will want to know about Sheer Cover's new Perfect Shade Technology. 

Sheer Cover's new Perfect Shade Technology uses a mixture of pigments to blend to many different skin tones. While the classic shades had yellow or pink undertones, the new Perfect Shade foundations work to correct undertones. Instead of having a yellow tinted shade as Bisque and a pink tinted shade as Nude, the Perfect Shade Technology foundations offer only one shade with a mixture of tones. No longer will customers appear too pink or yellow.

In addition to correcting undertones, Sheer Cover's Perfect Shade Technology contains minerals that reflect light. Those minerals brighten and even out skin imperfections.

Sheer Cover has already started to replace the classic shades with the new Perfect Shade foundations. We will continue to stock the classic shades as long as we can. Unfortunately, Sheer Cover is running out of the classic shades, so stock up while you can. If you decide to try the Perfect Shade foundations, please remember that you can still mix these shades.