Little Online Store Cares About Customers!

24th Sep 2016

Since we are very concerned about the health and safety of our customers, Little Online Store has tossed 20 Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascaras. Why did we do such a thing? Well, the reason is that Sheer Cover did not include a date or a manufacturing number on those tubes of mascara. Therefore, we could not tell how old the mascara was. Using old mascara is dangerous as the makeup is so close to the eyes. We never want to put customers in danger, so out goes the old tubes of mascara.

We only have 2 tubes of the black packaging Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara left. The packaging is the latest design with the "Made in China." noted on the side of the tube. We will only stock the remaining tubes for a limited time. 

If you loved Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara, please try the Sheer Cover Lengthening Mascara in black. We have those available with the white tubes. These are all fresh and sealed as are all of our Sheer Cover products.

Thank you,

Little Online Store

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