Check out what's new with our checkout!

Check out what's new with our checkout!

Posted by Christi from Little Online Store on 15th Jun 2018

Welcome to Stripe as our new credit card processor. You can visit their site here: Stripe Payment Processor

Why did we make this change? We were using SecureNet, but they were bought out by Worldpay. Worldpay likes to add miscellaneous fees each month to good sellers like us in order to cover bad sellers. Well, we don't think that is fair to us. Stripe allows us to pay the fees we owe and doesn't make us cover for other businesses.

In fact, our checkout is totally updated. We have one-page checkout that is optimized with all of the latest security features. We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, and you can still pay through Paypal.

We hope you like the new look as well. We loved our cute little store theme, but unfortunately, it was not updated to the latest features. I had customized most of the pages, so they weren't being updated whenever Bigcommerce had template updates. It was also not optimized for tablet or mobile phone users. This new template was kept in its original form, and I made updates using scripts. That means this template will receive all future updates. Since our theme is a reversal color scheme, let us know if you find any areas with text you can't read. It's tough to be sure we have everything changed over. However, it's all color changes, so the layout or features of the site are not affected.

Thank you for your time and happy shopping!

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