Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
We are no longer shipping internationally. The new shipping rates have increased to the point where it's no longer an option for us.

How long till my order is shipped?
We try to get all orders shipped within one business day, however, all orders will definitely ship within two business days.

Will I receive a receipt with my order?
Yes, all orders include receipts. If you don't want a receipt, please let us know in the notes section of the checkout.

Do I need to enter my email address on the checkout screen?
Yes, an email address is required as we send out order confirmations. We do not add email addresses to mailing lists and are not connected to any third parties.

Why do you need my phone number?
We use phone numbers to verify your location. Using a fake number or a cell number may result in an order cancellation. We do not sell any of your information and do not store any customer information locally.

If this lipstick doesn't look good on me, can I return it?
Please remember that we are a small business and cannot accept returns of unsellable products. Therefore, please be sure the color will work for you before placing an order.

If an item arrives damaged, what should I do?
Please do not discard the packaging or damaged item and contact us right away. We may require a digital photo of the damage to verify that the item cannot be returned. If we do require the damaged item to be returned, we will pay for the return postage.

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